THE  HIV Infection Cycle, new Strategy Defeats HIV in the Intestine and this diet also applies to other Virus and Degenerative Diseases.

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The original theory that has been around since 1981 is that the HIV virus selectively invades the body’s T-4 Helper cells and uses the T-4 cells to produce more HIV virus.

Yet, after accepting this theory for almost a decade, clinical observations are that 1% or less of all T-4 Helper cells are infected with the HIV virus.

If the theory that the HIV virus selectively attacks T-4 Helper cells were true, you would logically expect that 90 to 99% of all T-4 Helper cells would be infected with the virus.

Since the actual infection rate that has been observed by clinical observations is 1% or less, there is some thing wrong with the original theory. If a theory is to be believable, it must be able to explain all symptoms and patterns in the progression of a disease in a manner that is logical and convincing.

Is the primary source of HIV infection in some other part of the body that we have completely overlooked? If it is, where is it and how does it suppress the immune system?

For this entire decade, all research has been looking for some single silver bullet to solve the AIDS problem. A drug that would destroy all cells infected with the virus. All attention has been focused on finding a drug to selectively destroy the infection in the blood stream

In South Africa and neighbouring countries, there is a very effective mixture known as Umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice that is helping with reversing most known diseases including AIDS. Many people have tested HIV negative after using this natural food juice mixture whilst adjusting their diet.

What if the HIV virus changed the rules of the game?

What if the virus found a sanctuary from which it could reproduce and multiply and then invade the bloodstream? A sanctuary beyond the reach of the phagocytes and macrophages of the immune system that would eat them up?

The HIV virus may have a sanctuary from which to grow and multiply and invade the bloodstream. That sanctuary is, I believe, the lower bowel of the intestinal tract (the colon).

Digestive efficiency is never 100%. A yeast organism, called Candida Albicans, resides in the lower bowel of the intestinal tract and consumes simple sugars and produces alcohol as one of its byproducts.

While the yeast cells live off of sugar and carbohydrates, the HIV virus lives off of proteins that are not completely broken down in the stomach into their constituent amino acids.

For harder to digest proteins like “gluten’s” in certain grains like wheat and “casein” in most dairy products and other proteins like eggs and meat cooked at high temperatures, the efficiency of protein digestion could drop to 60% or less.

The higher the temperature that meat is cooked, the more coagulated the protein becomes and the harder it is for the digestive juices, like hydrochloric acid and pancreatic enzymes, to break down the proteins into simple amino acids.

If 40% of the protein you ate passed into the colon undigested, the HIV virus could have a field day reproducing itself.


Undigested Proteins is Food for the HIV Virus

The food particles the virus grows on is “mucus” which consists of a gluey mixture of proteins that were not digested in the stomach.

The muco-proteins the HIV virus loves clings to the walls of the colon. As the virus grow, some pass through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream. Once in the bloodstream, the virus is identified as an antigen – a foreign protein.

The immune system sets about to attack and destroy it. Since the invasion of new HIV virus from the intestinal tract into the bloodstream could go on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, the immune system is simply driven to exhaustion.

The immune system eventually loses its ability to replace the generals of the immune system, the T-4 helper cells. As a result, the number of T-4 helper cells declines and the immune system grows weaker. The end result is AIDS.

Can this process of self-destruction be stopped?


The HIV Infection Cycle

Conventional research has focused totally on how to destroy the HIV virus in the bloodstream and in associated areas like the bone marrow.

Doctors are mystified as to why they cannot completely knock out the viral infection. They haven’t considered that the intestinal tract may be another source or the main source of HIV infection.

By concentration on killing the HIV virus in the bloodstream instead of the intestinal tract, medical researchers have attacked the secondary source of the infection and not the primary source. As a result they cannot completely eliminate all infected cells.

In some cases, the immune system apparently recognizes that there is a problem in the colon and induces a diarrhea to wash the infection out of the colon. The infection is not easily eliminated as the HIV virus moves in a circular pattern from the colon (lower intestinal tract) to the blood stream to the lymphatic system and then back to the colon.

It works like this. Coagulated proteins (cooked at high temperatures) are not completely broken down in the stomach and pass into the colon where they provide food for the HIV virus to grow and multiply undeterred and unnoticed.

The HIV virus then passes through the colon wall into the bloodstream and are immediately attacked by phagocyte and macrophages which identify them as foreign proteins and swallow them up.

Later on, the phagocytes and macrophages die off and are eliminated from the bloodstream by the lymphatic system which removes them and washes them into the colon.

Once in the colon, in an alkaline environment and in the presence of lots of fertile soil (muco-proteins), the HIV virus hatches anew from the dead macrophages and start growing all over again.

The cycle is endlessly repeated. It is little wonder the immune system is eventually worn out.


New Strategy Defeats HIV in the Intestinal Tract

Since the immune system has demonstrated it can attack and destroy the HIV virus in the bloodstream, it can also locate and eliminate HIV infection in the bone marrow and in other areas as well.

The key to controlling AIDS or eventually curing this disease is to turn off the tap.. the endless stream of new HIV virus invading the blood stream from the colon. There are two or three ways this can be done.

Here are some possibilities to be considered.

  1. Colon cleansing. Use a mixture of distilled water, psyllium powder and fresh lemon juice to acidify the colon and kill of HIV virus.
  2. Colonic irrigation and enemas to physically remove infected fecal matter from the colon.
  3. Fasting one day a week on distilled water, lemon juice and raw honey.
  4. Eat predigested proteins for 100% assimilation (Soy Milk with soy protein isolates added and yogurt culture added). Pancreatin (to digest proteins) tablets taken with this protein drink before meals.
  5. Eat cultured proteins (yogurt made from soy milk)  that is easily assimilated and contains acidophilus. This friendly flora produces lactic acid which destroys most bad bacteria.
  6. Take hydrochloric acid and protein digestive enzymes if you eat hard to digest proteins like meat, eggs, fish or fowl.
  7. Eliminate hard to digest proteins from the diet like casein from dairy products and gluten’s from wheat and coagulated proteins (fried meats).


Colon Cleansing & Supplements

Twice a day, upon rising in the morning and late in the evening, a shake is made from distilled water, use freshly squeezed lemon juice, psyllium powder and yogurt or acidophilus culture. Lemon juice has a pH of 2.5 and is the most acid of all fruits. Lemon juice will kill HIV virus in the intestinal tract.

The psyllium powder helps carry the lemon juice throughout the gastrointestinal tract to break up mucus and kill off HIV and other pathogens. Psyllium powder also removes toxins from the colon. It has a cooling effect on the body and is especially good in cases of cancer, Kaposi Sarcoma, herpes, candida and if nights sweats occur.


Herbal Teas

The best herbal tea is Pau D’Arco. It should be simmered for about 10 minutes before using. It boosts the immune system, kills off cancer cells and yeast overgrowth it is  also highly recommended where cancer of Kaposi Sarcoma may exist.

The Anti-AIDS diet is high in raw foods, low in fat, especially saturated fat, contains no animal protein, no beef, pork, poultry, fish eggs, cheese, ice cream or cow’s milk.

It is “gluten” free and has no wheat, no bread, no spaghetti, no macaroni and no bakery. This diet should be religiously followed until your blood tests show numbers (T4, T8, T11 etc) have returned to the normal reference ranges. Once this happens, have yourself rechecked for the HIV antibody.


Garlic & Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

Garlic suppositories before bedtime. Cut a small clove of raw garlic and roll it in coconut oil or butter. (Size 3/4 inch long by   1/4 inch round). Use a rectal suppository before retiring at night.

The garlic will kill HIV infection in the colon while you sleep. It will also kill worms, parasites and other bad bacteria including Candida Albicans. It will help purify your blood while you are sleeping.

Hydrogen Spray bath. Apply 1 tablespoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide over your body once in the morning and massage into the skin. The hydrogen spray enters the blood-stream through the skin and kills the HIV virus.

It lowers T-8 suppressor cells and creates a more favourable T4/T8 ratio. Do not drink hydrogen peroxide. (In the intestinal tract, it acts like an antibiotic and will kill off friendly bacteria along with the bad bacteria). The use of lemon juice and sour yogurt are a much better way of getting rid of bad intestinal bacteria.


Success Cases Reported

Using a diet similar to the one outlined above has brought significant improvement in Wisconsin, USA. One person who had insomnia, fatigue and night sweats in February of 1989 is now free of all these symptoms. His T-4 Helper cell count went from 800 in February to 845 in August, 1989.

This person reported he had a constant diarrhea as long as he ate eggs for breakfast. When he stopped and switched to a non-gluten cereal, the diarrhea stopped and his stools returned to normal. This person lives mostly on vegetables with some fruits.

Another case involved a man whose immune system had been on a constant decline for 3 years since he became infected in November of 1986. In July, 1989, his T-4 Helper cell count was 424. Late in July, he went on a diet similar to the one outlined here. He gave up bread and grains. He ate a non-gluten cereal for breakfast.

For lunch, he ate lots of vegetables, especially raw broccoli and various proteins with digestive enzymes. In September, he was tested again and his T-4 Helper cell count went up to 590, an increase of 166. The results of both of these cases are very encouraging. Neither person was on any medication.

There are over 12  more similar cases of reported recoveries from AIDS in the book “They Conquered AIDS”, by Dr. Scott Gregory O.M.D. In one case, a vegetarian, went from antibody positive to antibody negative after a 3 month fast on a protein powder supplement that was a complete nutritional support program.

Another survivor, John Russell Carlton wrote: “One of the first things I did was to go on a carrot juice fast with distilled water and Herb’s for six days. During the fast, I had colonic wash outs. It was the most tremendous week. The fast arrested my fever. It was a hard thing for me to stay on, but I went through with it.”

Another book on diet is called “The Ant-AIDS Health Plan.” by David Zeller. This book discusses at great length the use of lemon juice in the treatment of AIDS and HIV infection in the intestinal tract.


A Summary of the New Diet Strategy

The strategy to defeat HIV infection in the intestinal tract is to improve the efficiency of protein digestion, all proteins are either pre-digested, cultured or in liquid form and are taken with acidophilus culture along with protein digestive enzymes from pancreatin.

Efficient protein digestion strengthens the immune system and denies the virus in the colon a protein source of food. Acidophilus powder is sprinkled on all food to increase the growth of friendly flora which in turn produce lactic acid which lowers the pH of the colon and kills the HIV virus and other pathogens.

Besides many beneficial B vitamins and other factors are produced in the colon by the acidophilus bacteria the digestive process is enhanced and the elimination of toxins increases. Under this diet, immune system functions will improve and the level of viral activity will diminish.

The good results obtained in these cases should encourage others to try diet as a first choice treatment for AIDS and medical researchers should now consider the intestinal tract theory of HIV infection in designing new strategies to defeat this most feared of all diseases.

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The publisher assumes no responsibility in the correct or incorrect use of this information and no attempt should be made to use any of this information as a form of treatment without the approval and guidance of your doctor.