Meat Crisis



In 1986, a research professor of microbiology at Leeds University, consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr Richard W. Lacey, announced that scrapie, a form of Mad Cow Disease in sheep, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathies (BSE) and Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) in humans were one and the same thing.

In addition, he not only said it could kill humans, but he warned that a wave of deaths would soon hit Britain; he went still further and said that 100,00 people in Britain were already infected. In 1993, the WHO figures indicated a total of 250 suspected, and 117 proven, CJD deaths with the average age of the victims being 27 years (descending from the former CJD average of 63 years).

The greatest risk of infectivity could come from eating bones because the procedures used to concentrate and purify gelatin could also create a potent source of the BSE prion (the infecting organism).

This would include bone meal in food, i.e. calcium supplements, capsules, and gelatin products. Milk is also a potent source of prions, and cannot be destroyed by pasteurization; indeed the organism cannot be destroyed in temperatures less than 800 degrees fare height.

Dr Lacey’s advice was to stop eating meat now! Unfortunately this advice was not readily accepted, in spite of the fact that by 1994 BSE had been identified in 150,000 animals and in just over half of all the cattle herds in Britain.

But the disease is not only restricted to Britain – in America –“ downer cow syndrome” (so called because the infected cow just rolls over and dies); was spreading amongst cattle at an alarming rate.

The disease in humans first show symptoms of mental changes-such as problems with co-ordination, recent memory loss, and slurred speech. Sometimes obvious twitching of muscles can be seen, the facial expression becomes fixed, and the person may stumble and fall over.

Over the next few weeks, the person becomes confused and unaware, unable to read or recognize even close relatives. Towards the end of the illness the patient is unconscious and not reacting to anyone: often having fits or jerking spasms; and is incontinent, blind, deaf, and speechless. Many of these symptoms are similar to those of Alzheimer’s, but CJD has a totally different origin.


Why this problem will get worse!

1. You can get BSE from any part of an animal – blood transfusions, corneal transplants, and hormonal injections, thyroid insulin and other medicinal injection.


2. Cattle and sheep are not checked for the disease before they are slaughtered. The USDA in America only studies the brains of 100 cows per every 100,000. That is an extremely small sample.


3. BSE/CJD cannot be detected during incubation. BSE and CJD cause no antibody response. When infection enters an animal or human, the victim’s immune system shows no sign of fighting the infection as it does with bacteria, germs, and viruses. This is because the immune system can neither detect nor fight it. Scientists cannot use the antibody-search method to see if someone is sick, as is done with AIDS.


4. It can take years before the full-blown disease appears. CJD disease takes between 10 and 50 years to eat away the human brain.


5. BSE/CJD can be transmitted to one’s children. Both cause a genetic mutation, which is transmissible. Therefore, if you contract it, all your children will get it too. Sheep and cows pass it to offspring. Chickens can put it in their eggs.


6. People have been dying faster from CJD than earlier. It was once thought humans could incubate the disease for up to five decades without going into the final dementia stage, but lately British teens have been dying of it.


7. It is extremely difficult to kill prions. BSE and CJD prions cannot be killed the way we fought the plague, cholera epidemics, or ebola-which is generally done by burning bodies. BSE/CJD is passed on by means of prions, which are proteins that degrade at 800 degree F. That is far higher than the temperature, which would reduce them to ash.


8. Prions infect every part of the body, not just the brain. Although BSE/CJD attacks brains, it is in every part of the victim. Therefore every part of the cow is affected. None of it should be eaten. This contamination cannot be removed by cooking.


9. CJD deaths are occurring now in America, but they are being mislabeled as Alzheimer’s disease. A related problem is that labs will not test patients suspected of having CJD, because they would have to burn down the lab in order to be certain they had cleansed it of the prions.


10.  Even more than AIDS, BSE is the most prevalent, virulent disease to hit this planet since the plague. You can only avoid it by refusing to eat any thing which contains meat.


11. Blood donors banned. On January 17, 2001, the FDA ordered a ban on blood donations in the US from anyone who has lived in Britain or Ireland longer than six months, between the years 1980 and December 1996.



What about cooking the meat or milk? The pasteurizing of milk, at 150 degrees F, and the cooking of meat at 212 degrees F has no effect on the prions. Therefore the only answer is to go vegetarian. Choose vegetarian proteins like tofu, nuts, or beans.

You will be healthier in every way as these proteins do not tax the immune system as much as flesh. Immune systems love a whole, live, raw food diet; so raw dark green salads with nuts, sprouts and seeds. Cleanse with enemas or colonics. Take periodic raw juice fasts.

Besides a vegan diet of vegetables grown on organic soil, take “good fat” supplements like flaxseed. The oils and proteins found in nuts and seeds are good. Be wary of dairy products; they could be infected with prions.

Make almond milk, brown rice milk, and tofu milk. Take multi-vitamin supplements. Blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella are complete foods with B-12. Animal source of B-12 is dangerous now.

Get rid of other eco-hazards that stress the immune system, such as fluoride toothpaste, perfume, dental fillings, and solvents like propyl alcohol (used in all soap, detergent, shampoo, and cleaning all factory food and juice machines.

Go 100% natural. Become a vegetarian.