God’s Health Plan


  1. Get tested to confirm your suspicions.
  2. If positive you don’t have to get ready to die – just get ready to change your lifestyle
  3. Avoid passing the virus on to someone else. Abstain from Sex (condoms do not protect).
  4. Give yourself into the hands of God, believe you can conquer the virus and implement :




 The only answer to AIDS, the world will ever have.

1. Trust in the power of God within you Gen 2:17 Psalms 18:30.

An abiding faith in a loving God will help you rest your life in His Hands.  Ask Him.   He wants us to work our minds so that we want to do right.  His laws are really promises. Every promise that He has made is part of our inheritance.

Your request will be freely granted.    What is the power of God? How do we obtain it? God’s love in the soul makes a person look at others not as poisonous and toxic waste, but as desirable beings that can be transformed into harmless examples of the effect of God’s love in the soul. And for this love it is our privilege to ask through prayer.

2. Open Air Gen 1:6-7 1 Thes 5:17

Pure fresh air is very important. That means good air with negatively ionized particles from forests and oceans. Do deep breathing exercise daily (three times a day is best).

Be sure to do this in the morning before breakfast. Take a deep breath to full expansion, hold, exhale, and hold that. Repeat this 20 times. This helps the circulation and gets toxins out of the system. Breathe fresh air while sleeping (open the windows).

Even on cold winter nights, keep the windows open. Air the bedrooms daily with the windows open. Do not smoke tobacco or breathe second-hand smoke. Avoid smog and all chemicals, cleaning solutions, solvents, paint removers, insect spray, deodorant.

3. Daily Exercise Gen 2:15 Rom 1:17

Conditioning exercise is what you need. This type of exercise will increase your endurance gradually. Exercise a minimum of 20-30 minutes at the peak of endurance daily if at all possible, or at least every other day. Walking is good exercise.

Begin a program of walking on the first day. Walk as far as is comfortable, gradually work up to five miles per day. Take one hot bath a day, remain in the bath for 20 minutes the temperature of the water should be 110 degrees F, followed by a cold splash, try dry brushing the skin before each shower or bath, with a stiff brush.

Steam Bath. Sit on a small stool, covered with a blanket, from the neck to the feet.

Place a basin of boiling water between your feet. Replace the water as it cools, with more hot water. Maintain this position for twenty minutes, repeat morning and evening for five days. MAINTAIN GOOD POSTURE, STANDING, SITTING.

4. Sunshine Gen 1:16 Matt 13:43.

Sunshine has several benefits to the body. It furnishes the natural vitamin D and helps to lower cholesterol. The vitamin D that it produces through the process of the sun aids in calcium assimilation in the body. Sunlight increases the volume of oxygen in the blood.

Start with 10-15 minutes exposure to the face and hands daily up to 30-45 minutes daily. The body stores the vitamin D readily for over a week. Avoid sun burning. Also, to avoid the risk of skin cancer, reduce the free fat intake, such as oils, margarine and other foods of this nature.

5. PlentyRest Gen 2:2-3 Psalm 27:14.

Get adequate restful sleep. A light supper will help. Try to avoid stressful circumstances. Establish good habits and this will help. A relaxing soak in warm water may help you unwind enough after a stressful day so that you will not need that harmful sleeping pill.

Regular times for going to bed and rising will also help. The best time to go to bed is between 20.00 -21.00 hours. The deepest sleep is between 21.00 – 24.00 hours.

6. LotsofWater Gen 2:10 John 4:14.

The body needs water for optimal function. Drink daily pure soft water; distilled water is the best. Try to drink 3 litres of distilled or bore hole water daily. Drink more if you sweat much. This will help your endurance. Carry a supply with you. Drink before breakfast.

Upon rising, drink 2 glasses at room temperature with a freshly squeezed lemon in it. Also drink between meals, (stop about 30 minutes before a meal and wait 45 minutes to 1 hour after a meal), and early enough before bedtime so that you do not have to get up from sleep to empty your bladder. Do not drink water or liquids with your meals.

7. AlwaysTemperate Gen 2:16-17 Ez 44:23.

    • Abstain from all harmful substance.
    • Absolutely avoid tobacco, alcohol, caffeine drinks, colas and soft drinks, and tea and coffee.
    • Avoid frozen foods or drinks. The stomach has to work hard to either cool or warm the food to the proper temperature to digest.
    • Eat no flesh food or canned meats. They contain too many carcinogens (cancer producing).
    • Use no eggs or egg products.
    • Use no vinegar or products containing it (pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise salad dressing etc.}
    • Use no spices. Spices are parts of trees or plants that grow in tropical regions. Herb’s are fine, they grow in temperate regions. Use no irritating peppers (no black pepper, hot peppers or chilli sauce). Cayenne pepper can be used medicinally.
    • Use no baking soda or baking powder even if they have had the aluminium removed. Eat bread products raised with yeast or hydrogen peroxide.
    • Reduce the oil or fat consumption. Eliminate margarine and do not fry any foods.
    • Use no sugar; brown sugar, artificial sweeteners or products containing them. Replace them with honey, or molasses.
    • Be moderate even in the good things. Do not overeat of even good foods. Do not eat too many varieties at one meal. Three or four items are plenty.
    • Eat food at meal times, drink no water with meals. Chew slowly and let the saliva in the mouth mix with the food. Don’t swallow it until it’s ‘creamy’. The saliva is needed to help the stomach digest the food.
    • Do not mix fruits and vegetables at the same meal, grains may be eaten with either fruits or vegetables.
    • Wait at least 5 hours from the time one meal is ended before the next is started. The stomach needs to rest before more food is introduced. Most people overwork their stomach, and it is never allowed to rest.
    • Two meals a day is the best plan (8.00 and 14.00 hours are good times). All foods need to be digested before bedtime. Food that does not digest in the four-hour time period begins to ferment, and upset stomach may be the result.
    • Eat nothing between meals. Chewing gum is also a ‘no-no’ since the mouth continues to produce saliva to digest it since it thinks the gum is food.


8. Nutrition Gen 1:29 Jer 15:16

The aim of the diet is to help you (1) avoid all refined food. (2) select proper foods for adequate intake of balanced amino acids, vitamins, minerals. Take a large dose of vitamin C and eat a bulb of garlic a day. Take Aloe Vera, suck the gel between the leaves.

Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, legumes, beans, and grains in as fresh a state as possible. Fresh fruits and vegetables are preferred.

Cook in stainless steel, glass, or iron pans. Use no aluminium cookware. Cook on the stove or oven. It’s best to eat as much raw and fresh food as possible and not even cook it.

BREAKFAST – Cooked grain such as one of the following: Millet, Brown Rice, Rolled Oats, Wheat or Sorghum. Fresh fruits select two kinds especially apples. Nuts: ground nuts, cashew or almonds. Seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, or sesame seeds – 1 tablespoon.

LUNCH – Cooked grains brown rice, maize/corn meal, millet or potato – baked or boiled. Whole grain pasta. Steamed greens vegetables or cooked fresh peas or beans. Raw salad of cabbage or leaf lettuce along with celery, carrot, radish, green peppers, plenty of cabbage. Salad dressing: lemon juice/honey. Whole grain brown bread, not white revitalized bread.

See the Suggested Aids Control Diet in Detail

“The influence of the Spirit of God is the very best medicine that can be received by a sick man or woman. Heaven is all health; and the more deeply the heavenly
influences are realized, the more sure will be the recovery of the believing invalid.”