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IOP-09791According to the latest Aids statistics, Zambia is one of the worst affected areas in the world. In places, one in three people have the disease that is spreading like wildfire throughout Africa.

Contrary to some theories, that this is nature’s way of taking care of over population – it is NOT. 

People are struck down in the prime of their lives and become ill from lack of information and health facilities. The effect is not immediate death but incapacitation – which puts further strain on already destitute families.

Other family members must now also leave their jobs to take care of the sick.  And so the poverty cycle perpetuates.  Companies are also under increasing pressure as their trained employees are becoming too ill to work.

Half the problem is the psychological despair that comes with the AIDS prognosis. There is no hope because of the brainwashing that “HIV equals DEATH”

The dream to build HIV Natural Health Clinics in Africa springs from the firm belief that many people can carry on normal lives if they just had the information on how to look after themselves and access to natural herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Your donation will be of great benefit towards realising this objective and preventing many needless deaths.

Current donations would be gratefully received for a Natural Remedy clinic in the Sengera district of Kisii, Kenya.


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Please send this link  to anyone you think may be interested in the Truth, the Hope and the Action about reversing the AIDS death sentence.

May you live in the love and blessing of God,

Betty Hewitt.