This life-style and nutrition evaluation is intended only for educational purposes and to assist an individual in learning how to preserve his or her own health in harmony with natural health principles.

It is not the intention of this evaluation to diagnose or to prescribe any medication, treatment or modality for any physical or mental disorder, disease or ailment, complaint or abnormality.

By using this information in any way, you are agreeing that you are requesting this information and assistance regarding the the health principles and their applications and that you, not the consultant making this information available is in no way responsible for any use or misuse of the information or for any other assistance obtained whether in person or any form of communication medium whether written, electronic or verbal.

no service provided as a result of this consultation are to be considered a substitute for proper medical attention.

Please fill in the questionnaire if you would like the program to be sent to you after review of all facts presented the written, electronic or verbal program will be sent or communicated.

Thank you very much for seeking to learn more of gods plan. The response to your form is based upon the private religious beliefs of the staff of the Christian Advisory Health Service and reflect a biblical lifestyle that we believe is composed of eight natural laws of health and are thereby commands from God, prerequisite to healing.

We further believe that, having been commanded by God to heal the sick, we are simply obeying his commands as we apply his life style plans as the divinely appointed means of restoring health.

Do not follow any of these suggestions in this response package unless you accept the suggestions as an application of Gods Life Style plan and understand that God has not called us to practice medicine.

We are however ordered to heal the sick using the life style approach which was given to us by God. Christian Advisory Health Service cannot be held responsible or liable for the use or misuse of this information for God has declared that he alone is responsible for the results when we obey his commands.

Therefore, your pursuance of the recommendations herein will be construed as an unwritten contract between you and God in which you commit to following his plan, leaving the results with Him, and he promises to heal you if by doing so He will be glorified.