Steam Tent


    • 1 foot basin
    • Bath Mat
    • Bathing Towels
    • One Ring Boiler
    • Pot with lid
    • Stool
    • Electric Kettle
    • Blanket
    • Watch
    • Cup of Water
    • Ice bag, ice cubes
    • Thermometer
    • Drinking water and straws
    • Extension cable and multi plug



Place pot of boiling water on the one-ring boiler under the stool, next to the bath mat. Seat patient naked on folded bath towel on low stool with feet in basin of hot water with blanket wrapped around the body.

Tuck the bottom edge of the blanket in, so no steam can escape.

Place Thermometer in the mouth and ice bag on the head. Keep the head cool with cold wet cloth. Give sips of ice-water to drink through a straw.

Maintain position until temperature reaches 39 degrees for 20 minutes, then take a cold shower.

Towel dry and rest in bed for one hour, drinking 1 litre of water in the same hour. Replace foot basin with hot water if necessary.