Betty Hewitt

During the middle years of my life, now that the children had grown, I had a strong desire to be a medical missionary, but the opportunity did not occur until late 1979 , when I was able to work in a leprosy hospital in Sierra Leon, West Africa.

Later I moved to East Africa to work in an operating theatre in Malawi. Whilst there I watched the AIDS pandemic take off, with so much suffering between the affected and infected that I longed to be of some practical help.

So I prayed that God would open the door of opportunity for me to do so, but that did not happen until 1998. During that year I was appointed to the post of Natural Remedy Consultant HIV/AIDS to the Military Medical Services in Zambia.

After three years of work in a Natural Remedy Centre for HIV/AIDS related illnesses, we were able to establish that the HIV replication rate can be controlled with vegan nutrition, colon irrigations, herbal treatments and water therapy.

After seeing 146 patients pass through our Centre in two years most of whom have gained weight, and have improved clinically. It has become evident to me that if a diet of fruit, vegetables, seeds and nuts is adopted as soon as one suspects one is infected, then full blown AIDS will never develop.

My plan is to use a detoxification program with herbal remedies and raw food vegan diet for cancer and HIV. We have already done this for a 17 year old girl with cancer of both breasts, today both breasts are normal and she is back to school.

My dream is to develop a Natural Remedies HIV AIDS clinics enabling the many hundreds of thousands of people afflicted here to regain their health and get back to productive lives again.

Donations are greatly needed for this 16 bed clinic with hydro treatment rooms, and diet kitchen, overlooking the tea plantations of the Western Highlands, not far from Homa Bay at Lake Victoria.

I do not believe that AIDS is a “natural population leveller” but an insidious and cruel disease that is breaking down the very fabric of Africa’s emerging workforce.

To you the reader, if you have AIDS or know someone with the disease, I can assure you it is NOT a fatal disease if you catch it in time and treat it properly. The information on my site will guide you towards regaining your health.

Please send this link www.natural-remedies-hiv-aids.comĀ  to anyone you think may be interested in the Truth, the Hope and the Action about reversing the AIDS death sentence.


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