The Facts:

  • Many, many lives that are being lost to Aids/ chemical intoxication, could be sustained.
  • Retroviral Drugs (AZT) do more harm than good
  • This natural remedy program and others can keep HIV/Mycoplasma from becoming a full blown AIDS condition!
  • Although it is not a cure – it puts the infections into remission and gives your life back.

These tests and the program have been put to a two year test by Betty Hewitt in Zambia, and the findings confirmed. HIV/Mycoplasma is controllable.

Other alternatives such as umlingo wamaNgcolosi juice have proven to be very effective especially in Southern Africa

My aim is to get this ground breaking info to as many people as possible!

All the information you need to turn your health around if you are HIV/Stress positive , or if you have any other chronic or degenerative disease, you will find freely available on this site and associated sites.

Follow the advice given here on healthy eating and inner cleansing, and carefully take the herbal mixtures recommended and your Tcell count will be reversed.

Our mission is to build a Natural Remedies AIDS clinic in Kenya And towards this end we have developed an all inclusive kit with all the recommended herbs, vitamins as well as the colonic irrigation, and diets that will get you on the road to recovery.

Your purchase of the kit will help enable objective while at the same time simplifying your self healing efforts.

We appeal to you that if you can afford it, or choose to use this as a program in your health clinics, to give a generous donation, so that facilities here in Central Africa could be built to adopt this system and start saving lives!

You can order the six week healing course  from Jan 2002  and the funds, after covering costs, will be channelled into the construction of a natural health clinic, initially in Zambia and hopefully further afield.


Roadblocks to Herbal Studies

African PotatoSeveral factors contribute to the lack of formal research investigating complementary medicine’s efficacy in HIV.

One of them relates to the pharmaceutical industry’s lack of incentive to conduct such research.

Even though several herbal formulations have undergone in vitro testing which has shown evidence of their having antiretroviral activity, few drug companies have conducted preclinical or clinical investigations to provide further evidence of their efficacy or safety.

Perhaps that is because — unlike with pharmaceutical agents, for which drug companies must comply with strict Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines prior to taking them to market — drug companies aren’t allowed to patent herbal formulations and consequently seize exclusive rights to them.

Thus, the financial incentives for drug companies to conduct research on herbal formulations is probably not very large.


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Excellent Book worth investing in THE NATURAL REMEDIES ENCYCLOPAEDIA

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